customized data export

scope of application

If you want to complete your costumer database with information about the solar potential on their rooftops we can help you out. Our individual data export makes it possible to add specific information about buildings to an address list. This information can be exported as a dataset. This kind of data is often used for marketing and distribution campaigns. A typical request is: “Export the dataset of region xy. We need 1.000 buildings, which have an installation potential of at least 100 kWp and which do not have a photovoltaic installation yet. Please add the dataset and information about the users of the buildings”.

data basis

Basis of this analysis are open or licenced data. North Rhine Westphalia published its Open Data at the beginning of 2017. On basis of this data we could analyse the solar potential of 10.274.085 buildings. Also other states in Germany and Europe made Open Data accessible. If you have any questions regarding available data in your region feel free to contact us. We will help you to find an individual solution for your request.

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