development forecast

scope of application

The supply of decentralized energy systems in the distribution network is going to increase in the future. The network operators cannot influence the chosen locations, installed performance or use of the produced energy. To be prepared for future developments in renewable energy business our expansion forecast helps to have an outlook on possible scenarios in the future, so you can prepare several possibilities and will not be surprised by any changes in location, performance or produced energy. Therefore we simulate and describe extensive scenarios and the emerging exposure through power generation equipment.

calculation basis

We consider studies which deal with Photovoltaik installations on rooftops and incorporate surface potential which each rooftop has to offer and which potential for photovoltaic installations emerge out of these factors. Aspect and orientation of a roof part lead to the peak hour of energy generation, which means that the time of the day with the highest possible supply is considered in our calculations.

The results of our expansion forecast consider technical, economical and political scenarios as well as the consequent possibilities of photovoltaic installation on analysed rooftops. Expected installed and maximum (peak) performance plus yearly yield will be part of our analysis. Please contact us if you need any further information regarding our expansion forecast, we are happy to help and adapt certain factors to your needs.

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