greenroof potential maps


greenroof potential maps

What is a Greenroof Potential Map?

Greenroof Potential Maps show the degree of suitability for every building of a city or area and give house owners detailed information about the possibilities of their building.

What is a greenroof potential map good for?

Climate change causes undeniable issues in dense areas already. On one hand rising temperatures result in a heat island effect while on the other hand more frequent heavy rainfall events lead to flooding. In urban areas increasing air pollution and fine dust pollution become more and more of an issue, recommended limits are more often exceeded. Roof greening can help to solve these problems, but the level of awareness of its benefits is still very low. A Greenroof Potential Map is an ideal instrument to make this subject more popular.

Just like Solar Potential Maps, Greenroof Potential Maps cause a knock-on effect and lead to an expansion of roof greening.

Benefits of roof greening

… for residents

There are many benefits for the residents of a building with roof greening:

  • insulation in winter
  • reduced heat in summer
  • noise reduction
  • new utilization possibilities
  • improved living climate
  • saving sewage fees

… for municipalities

Not only residents but also municipalities benefit from green roofs:

  • filtering of air pollutants and fine dust
  • reduction of peak runoff at heavy rainfall
  • improved city climate
  • reduced heat island effect
  • optically improved cityscape

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