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Sun, climate protection and economics combined with sales support for the energy industry, development forecasts for power supply systems and research and development skills – that is our business. Our main focus is on forecasting the potential of renewable energy and making the results usable for various sectors. As a leading company we develop and use our own software to gain the best results. For each project we select the most suitable data sets and combine them efficiently for our customer’s intended use. More than 12 years ago we started in Germany, grew in Europe and are now a globally operating partner for data suppliers.

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Stephan Wilforth studied spatial planning at the Technical University Dortmund and finished his Ph. D. in the field of engineering in 2003. Till 2008 he worked as scientific assistant and lecturer at the chair of system theory and system technique at the faculty of spatial planning. Since 2000 he is manager of tetraeder.com gmbh and founded tetraeder.solar gmbh in 2009 as a 100% subsidiary of tetraeder.com gmbh. Stephan Wilforth is voluntary board director at “Informationskreis für Raumplanung (IfR) e.V.” and chief executive of the association “Die Energiegesellschafter eG”.

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