Discovering Potentials – Achieving Goals

Big Data for sales and power grid planning

Our goal is to support your sales. For that purpose we help you to utilize huge amounts of data, such as a solar potential analysis of entire areas or even countries which we synchronize with milieu research studies or your CRM. This enables you to place an extremely targeted customer approach and avoid divergence losses.
For power suppliers we provide valuable new data sources in the fields of photovoltaics as well as e-mobility.
Our data services are also used for statistical analysis and as a basis for visualizations.


  • customized data export
  • Dynamic access
  • development forecast

data on demand: interactive applications for marketing and sales

Win new customers with an interactive tool that demonstrates solar potentials and their rentability based on customizable settings. The tool can be included in an existing website or be published as a separate landing page. We support your sales not only with our powerful applications and our approved calculating method but – in cooperation with our network partners – also with promotion material and video sequences.
With widescale support from dimensioning a pv-plant to preparing a proposal: our tools make customer care easy – even for non-specialists.


  • automatic connection commitment

municipalities: Online Information systems for climate protection

The common awareness of the need for climate protection measures has increased within the past few years and so has the willingness to contribute. The change of laws and funding programs  on the other hand causes uncertainty and caution. With Solar Potential Maps and Green Roof Potential Maps you provide easy to use and easy to understand tools. More than 800 municipalities in Germany are successfully using these maps to support and inform not only home owners but also banks, installers and representatives with our effective and precise planning and marketing tools.

products for municipalities:

  • solar potential maps
  • green roof potential maps
  • marketing tools