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Solar Potential Maps

Solar cadastres are interactive maps that show for each building in a city how suitable it is for generating solar energy. Such cadastres benefit everyone: They serve as a generally understandable orientation aid and have an impetus for the expansion of solar energy use among owners.

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Product features

Interactive map

Illustration of the suitability of buildings for the use of solar energy in an urban area.

The suitability of the roof area for photovoltaics and solar thermal energy is shown in different colours for each suitability level

The usable solar irradiation on the roof surfaces is displayed

Detailed representation of the roof sections suitable for the installation of the systems

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Assistant for planning the solar plant

Intuitive user guidance - for individual configuration of a solar system

Creation of an individual overview in PDF format for optimal use of the roof

Extensive prior knowledge not necessary: Use of average values possible

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Module placer

Modules can be placed on a roof surface and the system can thus be adapted to own needs and requirements

Individual adjustment of the size dimensions and performance parameters as well as alignment of the planned system

Good basis for detailed advice from craftsmen

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Profitability calculator

Detailed statements on the economic efficiency of the plant

Calculation of independence, amortisation and return on investment

Accurate results due to the inclusion of essential calculation parameters

Continuous adjustment of the framework conditions (electricity price, changed remuneration rates)

Ausschnitt aus dem SolarpotenzialkatasterScreenshot des SolarpotenzialkatastersScreenshot des SolarpotenzialkatastersScreenshot des Solarpotenzialkatasters

The technology

How the Solar Potential Map works

Solar Potential Maps are based on three-dimensional surface models. Common elevation data from laser scanning or aerial photography data can be automatically converted into a 3D model using software developed by specifically for this purpose, where it can be further processed together with the data from the real estate maps (ALK/ALKIS). Depending on the federal state, the laser scan data can be used free of charge or for a small fee.


All advantages at a glance
Professional analysis
long-term partnership
Comprehensible visualisations
Individual configuration
Comprehensive profitability calculator
Your municipality future-oriented and environmentally aware
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