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Lead Generator Solar

The photovoltaic calculator - Lead Generator Solar - offers solutions for all important challenges of current sales strategies in solar sales. The Lead Generator Solar not only enables a more targeted customer approach and an increase in the conversion rate, but also facilitates the validation and pre-qualification of leads - of course always taking into account current data protection guidelines.

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Product features

The Lead Generator Solar in detail

Individual database

Combination of laser scan and weather data

Generation of a realistic irradiation model

Meaningful results

No indication of orientation and inclination necessary

Quick and meaningful result

Low drop-out rate

Data independence

Answering two questions sufficient for profitability calculation and PV system configuration

Applicable in all areas

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Phase 1: Irradiation analysis

The user enters an address into the solar calculator and then selects the desired roof. This information is sufficient for a professional irradiation analysis. After the irradiation analysis has been carried out, the user immediately receives feedback on the solar suitability of his roof and the maximum possible output. If no data is available for the specified address, the user is forwarded directly to phase 2.

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Phase 2: Individual questionnaire

By answering questions by selecting predefined answers, the user can refine the information. Leads are thus pre-qualified. The number and topic of the questions can be individually tailored to the requirements of your solar campaign, with the exception of a few questions necessary for the solar system configuration.

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Phase 3: Request a quote

After all questions have been answered, the user receives a summary with basic information about the most suitable installation. The prospect of more detailed information and a visual layout of the modules provide additional incentive to request a quote.

Produktlogo des Leadgenerator SolarScreenshot des Leadgenerator SolarScreenshot des Leadgenerator SolarScreenshot des Leadgenerator Solar

More features

Tailored solutions for your marketing

Individual questionnaire

Individually customisable number and topic of questions

Depending on your solar campaign

Simple integration

Integrate as iFrame into your website

Provision of a landing page on request

First address

Marketing strategy of addressing customers via letter or postcard

Selected area calculation with solar data

Potential customers can thus be made aware of your solar potential

Lead management

As add-ons we offer you two variants of lead management systems

Solutions tailored to your requirements

Quotation preparation

Support with fast and uncomplicated preparation of individual offers

Incl. visual module layout for the building on an aerial photograph

White Label

Design customisable according to your specifications

Integrates seamlessly into your corporate design


All advantages at a glance
Good for you...
Easy integration into your own services
Increase the conversion rate
Reduction of costs per lead
Individual questionnaire
White label solution
...and your customers
Simple questionnaire
Low time expenditure
High information content
Meaningful results
Trustworthy partner
Portrait von Romina Höftmann
Romina Höftmann, Project manager
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