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We combine climate protection with economic efficiency

Discover our advanced technologies for surveying and forecasting renewable energy potentials as well as planning and information tools to harness the sun's energy for yourself!

Processing large amounts of data

We efficiently and reliably process and analyze large amounts of data in the field of renewable energies with spatial reference.

Analysis & forecasting technology

We are the market leader in analysis and forecasting technology for solar potentials.

Sales support

With our online tools, data exports and expansion forecasts, we support your sales in the field of photovoltaics and electromobility.

Product Categories

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For municipalities and regions

tetra.MAPS offers products aimed primarily at customers who want to provide publicly accessible information, planning or participation tools for citizens, including the creation of solar or green roof potential registers and the detection of potential open spaces for photovoltaic parks.

For utilities

tetra.SALES offers products that are mainly targeted at energy utilities or municipal utilities and provide support for sales in the EDL sector, including an online tool to support lead generation as well as our Building Report Tools, which can be used to quickly and easily generate initial indicative offers.

For Distribution Network Operators

tetra.GRIDS offers products specifically targeted at distribution grid operators, providing them with precise data for their grid planning, including expansion forecasts for future solar plant installations and their feed-in to the distribution grid over the day (taking into account self-consumption and e-mobility).

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What our clients say about us

"The customer's need and requirement are the focus of tetraeder. With patience, expertise and dialogue at eye level, our wish for a B2B solution was developed. We can highly recommend tetraeder and are looking forward to further tasks together."

GrundKraft GmbH
Logo der GrundKraft GmbH

"The [...] solar and green roof potential register represents a modern online tool that is easy and intuitive for the user and will play a significant role in the further expansion of photovoltaics, solar thermal energy and green roofs in the district in the future."

Stephan Griesehop
Klimaschutzmanagement | Landkreis Grafschaft Bentheim
Logo der Grafschaft Bentheim

"Thanks to [the] high-quality building data, we can offer automated advisory solutions for renewable technologies in all building types. Together, we are thus solving an important bottleneck in the energy transition and getting renewable technologies faster onto roofs and into our buildings."

Barbara Jordan
Head of Marketing & Sales | everyone energy GmbH
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About Us

Sun, climate protection and economic efficiency

We are an internationally active engineering company located at the Phoenixsee in Dortmund. We develop technologies for the survey and prognosis of renewable energy potentials as well as planning and information tools. We develop our own software and are involved in research and development projects. The motivation that drives us is to draw attention to renewable energy potentials, to provide our customers with the right planning and information tools and thus to combine climate protection with economic efficiency.

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Discovering new horizons together

Beyond our actual business activities, we are actively involved in various research projects. Our expertise ranges from the potential analysis of small wind turbines on buildings to automated solarpotential analyses of building facades. Through innovative analysis tools, we also contribute to the development and implementation of local climate protection and energy concepts. Our goal is to always be at the forefront of research and development to find innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

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