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With the help of the E-Mobility-Spotter, you can identify at an early stage the areas in which many people live who are most likely to be interested in switching to an electric vehicle. The e-Mobility Spotter projects different ramp-up scenarios for each street section and thus offers you a valid basis for your sales planning. The E-Mobility-Spotter is currently only available in Germany.

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Product features

The E-Mobility-Spotter in detail

Location forecast at the level of homogeneous road sections

Identifying the households with the greatest affinity for the purchase of an electric vehicle

Identification of future locations for wallboxes, especially at private residential buildings

You can include this location in your target network planning

Eine Kundin eines Autohauses auf der Suche nach einem Elektro-Auto

What is the risk of switching?

At the moment, the electric vehicle dealer has the first contact with the customer and can, for example, recommend a certain manufacturer of a wallbox that may also offer a corresponding electricity supply contract with the wallbox.The topic of electromobility offers you, as a municipal utility or EVU, an excellent starting point to talk about the topic of electromobility with the customer on the topic of a certified green electricity supply contract.

Eine Karte, die die Eignung von Straßenzügen für die Installation von Ladeinfrastruktur für Elektro-Autos zeigt

Your chance!

As a municipal utility, you can offer a complete package: Wallbox incl. funding application support and certified green power supply contract. Everything from a single source. Simply turnkey for your customer's upcoming electric car.

How can our forecast results support you?

Identify and address customers at risk of switching at an early stage

Acquiring new customers through targeted offers to potentially interested parties

Detect possible grid overloads at an early stage and preventively avoid them

Produktlogo für den E-Mobility-SpotterEine Karte, die die Eignung von Straßenzügen für die Installation von Ladeinfrastruktur für Elektro-Autos zeigtProduktlogo für den E-Mobility-Spotter

more features

Customised solutions for your marketing

Need for action

Need for action already today in the expansion of the private charging infrastructure

To support the ramp-up scenario, 2.4 to 3.5 million private charging points must be installed in 2025

(cf. Progress Report 2018 - Market ramp-up phase; National Platform for Electromobility)

Data Protection Compliant

Consideration of the GDPR throughout the entire process

Data protection compliant data use and addressing of potentially interested households

Individual database

Based on approx. 30,000 annual consumer interviews from best for planning (b4p) - Germany's largest market media study & on an up-to-date database for Germany's approx. 20.3 million buildings.

Provided by Nexiga GmbH and processed by us with spatial planning expertise

Portrait von Romina Höftmann
Romina Höftmann, Project manager
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