For municipalities and regions

Green Roof Potential Maps

Green roof registers are interactive maps that show in detail for each building in a city how suitable the roof surface is for a green roof. Homeowners can thus find out about the suitability of their roof.

Ein Dach, das sich hervorragend für eine Begrünung eignen würde

Advantages of the green roof potential Map

Why a Green Roof Potential Map?

Climate change is causing undeniable problems in densely built-up areas and is leading, among other things, to heat islands in the city and the increased occurrence of heavy rainfall to an increase in flood events. In addition, rising levels of air pollutants and particulate matter are increasingly becoming a problem in municipalities.

Green roofs can contribute to solving these problems, but the dormant potential is rarely known. A green roof potential register is an ideal instrument to raise awareness of the topic "green roof" and its advantages.

Mehrere moderne Stadthäuser mit einer Dachbegrünung

Advantages for municipalities and districts

The green roof potential map offers advantages to municipalities and regions: Filtering of air pollutants & fine dust, reduction of heavy rain runoff, better microclimate, less heat islands & visual townscape improvement through green roofs. This creates a sustainable, resilient urban landscape.

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Advantages for citizens

Citizens benefit from green roofs: Thermal insulation reduces heating costs in the winter season, while in summer the roofs reduce the heat load and create pleasant coolness. The natural air conditioning reduces noise and improves the quality of living. Visually, green roofs beautify the cityscape by transforming grey areas into living green. They also save on sewage fees because they store rainwater and relieve the burden on the sewage system. Green roofs create a more comfortable, healthier and aesthetically pleasing living environment for citizens.

Ein Dach, das sich hervorragend für eine Begrünung eignen würde


All advantages at a glance
Filtering of air pollutants and fine dust
Reduction of peak flows during heavy rainfall events
Improvement of the microclimate
Reduction of heat islands
Visual improvement of the townscape
Thermal insulation in winter
Reduction of heat load in summer
Noise reducing effect
Savings on waste water charges
Portrait von Romina Höftmann
Romina Höftmann, Project manager
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