For energy suppliers

Data export

As an energy supplier, municipal utility, real estate management company or housing association, it is important for you to exploit the potential of renewable energies quickly and efficiently. We can provide you with precise information:

  • For the attractive model of tenant solar projects for your tenants
  • For the leasing of roof areas for solar energy generation
  • For the installation potential for photovoltaic systems with storage

Our service includes the detailed determination and export of solar potential data for a list of addresses defined by you, sent directly and easily to you.


More and better data for more energy

Expand your customer database with valuable information on solar potential and battery storage. Tap into new customer segments through targeted contact. With our unique Photovoltaic Affinity Index, which combines solar potential data with socio-demographic information, you can initiate precisely tailored marketing and sales campaigns. These have proven themselves in practice and can achieve success rates of up to 11 percent. Whether for the analysis of a neighbourhood, a city or an entire district—our data exports enable you to make your marketing and sales strategies for solar installations more efficient and successful.

Irradiation and shading analysis
Customisation to your specifications
Comprehensive data availability
Complete profitability calculation
Electricity storage simulation
Convincing results

The specification of the data to be supplied is determined at the start of our collaboration in close consultation with you. We also offer the option of calculating and integrating additional individual parameters according to your requirements. With our individual data export service, you will receive exactly the right solutions to help you fully exploit the solar potential of the properties in question, determine the costs of the solar systems and successfully drive your renewable energy projects forward.

Portrait von Romina Höftmann
Romina Höftmann, Project Manager
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