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As an energy supplier, municipal utility, real estate management company or housing association, it is important for you to exploit the potential of renewable energies quickly and efficiently. We can provide you with precise information:

  • For the attractive model of tenant solar projects for your tenants
  • For the leasing of roof areas for solar energy generation
  • For the installation potential for photovoltaic systems with storage

Our service includes the detailed determination and export of solar potential data for a list of addresses defined by you, sent directly and easily to you. 

The Data export is a product of our sister company enwarp gmbh.

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Portrait von Romina Höftmann
Romina Höftmann, Project Manager
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Produktlogo Leadgenerator Solar
Lead Generator Solar

Our Solar lead generator offers customised solutions, including a customisable questionnaire, white-label options and effective lead validation and qualification.

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Produktlogo Gebäudereport-Tool
Building Report Tool

We offer you the creation of a meaningful, indicative offer for your solar sales, which is created in PDF format according to your corporate design and provides you with all relevant information on the solar potential of the requested building - applicable throughout Europe.

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Produktlogo API-Schnittstelle

Access to our API gives you the opportunity to integrate the solar potential data into your own services. We offer flexible licensing models, including pay-per-use licensing, which allows you to tailor your use.

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Produktlogo E-Mobility-Spotter
E-Mobility-Spotter (Only in Germany)

With the help of the E-Mobility-Spotter, you can identify at an early stage the areas in which many people live who are most likely to be interested in switching to an electric vehicle. The e-Mobility Spotter projects different ramp-up scenarios for each street section and thus offers you a valid basis for your sales planning. The E-Mobility-Spotter is currently only available in Germany

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Produktlogo Mailings
Add-on: Mailings

Our service includes the enrichment of address lists or postcode areas with solar data, the combination with socio-economic and socio-demographic and spatial data for affinity analysis, the export of irradiation images for each building for potential visualisation as well as support with layout and text design of media.

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