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Open-space Photovoltaic Analysis

As part of the potential area analysis, in addition to the assessment of the areas on the basis of legal requirements, special consideration is given to location-specific development goals and regional design ideas of the municipalities. As a result, you have certainty about the suitability of the area and receive a control instrument tailored to your requirements.

Phase 1


By excluding incompatible areas (hard exclusion criteria) and at the same time considering all areas that are fundamentally suitable for the construction of ground-mounted PV systems, the possible basic potential in the area under investigation is determined. This general basic analysis represents the result of the first project phase.

Phase 2


The basic potential is narrowed down and refined by implementing and organising various analysis criteria. This results in a customised picture of possible locations for ground-mounted PV systems that is tailored to the requirements of the municipality or city. With the help of various additional services, certain topics can be considered in greater depth.

Phase 3


The final result of the three-phase approach is the cartographic representation and evaluation of all suitable areas, from which spatial priorities can be derived for the construction of ground-mounted PV systems in the study area.


Project completion and analysis results

The results of the potential analysis are presented to the client in a final meeting. On completion of the project, the client receives a cartographic representation (DIN A0) of all suitable potential areas in the entire study area. In addition, the procedure, the individual components for calculating the pre-weighted areas and the analysis results are clearly explained and summarised in a brief report. In addition, the potential areas are prepared as a geodata set (shapefile). The results are transmitted in digital form.


All advantages at a glance
Digitally supported solutions
Automated detection of potential areas
Differentiated evaluation of the potential areas
Certainty about land suitability
Accelerated authorisation processes
Reduced personnel expenses
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Friederike Torunsky, Project Manager
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